J Linn has been practicing Reiki since 1999, massage since 2002 and began working professionally with animals in 2003. Prior to finding her healing ability she enjoyed a career in photography and music.

When she was young J Linn was told that she would become a healer. That information lay dormant in her subconscious until one day in Kanab, UT in the late 1990’s.

J and two friends were volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary when she had an epiphany. She was profoundly affected by a dog named King who had deep emotional trauma issues and had been physically abused. It was then that she realized she could no longer volunteer only as a dog-walker and kennel cleaner, there had to be more she could do for the individual animal’s well-being (and she couldn’t adopt them ALL!)

That set her on the search for her path. The path began when she found Reiki-Master Rose DeDan in Seattle who works with animals and people in her practice. Reiki resonated strongly with J and so she began her Reiki training with Rose.

Knowing she wanted to work with animals she found that one must be a Veterinarian a Vet. Tech. or LMP (licensed massage practitioner) in Washington state to legally perform hands on work with animals. The next step in her training was obtaining an LMP education and becoming certified, a year long process.

While working on her massage therapy training she found out that Washington also required additional hours specifically in small animal and/or large animal massage training to be certified to work with animals. She completed her LMP training and certification, completed the 2nd level of Reiki training and enrolled at Northwest School of Animal Massage and received her SAMP (small animal massage) training and certification.

As a professional massage therapist for people and animals J felt the emotional states of the ones she worked with. She enjoyed the hands-on work and the Reiki she was doing but felt the need to complete Reiki Master-Teacher training so that she could teach others the Reiki healing system. After completing that training she had a full professional life of human and canine massage, Reiki and teaching Reiki.

Then a funny thing happened….

Down the street from her home a new business was opening. SplashDog Canine Warm Water Therapy. She couldn’t believe it. Before she ever thought of leaving her previous career she had a conversation with a co-worker about how there should be water therapy for the rehab of our dogs after surgery. His dog was suffering through a second knee surgery rehab, which at the time was simply to keep the dog from doing anything but lying around.

Then, here was the new business, SplashDog, right up the street. Here we go again…more training.

Canine warm water therapy training is not regulated by the state. As long as a person has their small and/or large animal certification and LMP license they can work with animals in the water. As it turned out, working in the water with a dog is physically challenging and adds a whole new dimension of relating to animals. It was quite a ride and a new passion.

Since starting at SplashDog, J has continued her human massage, canine massage, Reiki practice and water therapy. She has also trained with the Red Cross to become a certified Pet First Aid/CPR trainer and has added those classes as well as an instruction class, Introduction to Canine Massage, which she developed out of the information that she often passes on to her canine client’s guardians.

In 2011 J Linn became co-owner with Leigh Anne Hardy of SplashDog.  They changed the name to SplashDog Canine Well-Being Center and began adding additional services. core conditioning with FitPAWS® equipment. She took  training to use FitPAWS® equipment in April of 2012 and FitPAWS® Master Trainer training in 2015.  At SplashDog J Linn conveniently combines all of her therapies in one location.

*At the time J Linn received her SAMP certification Washington state required an individual also be a licensed LMP to be legally allowed to do hands-on work with animals professionally if not a Vet Tech, or Veterinarian. Since that time legislature has been in the works to change the requirements for licensing. People no longer need to be LMP’s to work with animals. They now can take an all-inclusive course specifically for small or large animal massage approved by the state and are tested to receive their SAMP or LAMP license.

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