FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning

FitPAWS® is a company that created exercise equipment for core strengthening for dogs. The equipment is specifically made for the anatomy of a dog for the dog’s well-being and the longevity of the equipment. FitPAWS® has also developed exercises and routines for using their equipment which J Linn has trained in.

She experienced the equipment through trainers that have gone through the FitPAWS® program with her own dog, Devi. Seeing the results in Devi’s balance, core strength and experiencing the great workout she got, J decided it was exciting work and would be an additional benefit for her canine clients.
The core conditioning sessions utilize equipment similar to human physio-balls, balance discs and other tools to increase core strength and balance for canines.
The exercises and equipment can be helpful for mobility challenged dogs, geriatric dogs and sporting and working dogs. Many injuries result from weakness and overuse/misuse of weak areas.
J Linn strives to make the sessions fun and comfortable for the dogs she works with as well as informative for their guardians.
See FitPAWS® videos at:
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1/2 hour session $40
1 hour session $60
$15 discount for purchase of package of 5 sessions

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