What is Canine Water Therapy?

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The water work I do is at SplashDog Canine Well-Being Center in Edmonds, Washington which I co-own. There are more pools opening up all the time and each one has a different method of treatment, different water temperatures, different style of program, etc.

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What I do is a combination of massage in the water, range of motion, stretches and swimming to loosen tight muscles, tendons, and fascia, help the dog feel more mobile and fluid. The combination of these techniques can help dogs feel more balanced and confident.


How does it work?

Warm water helps increase circulation. Swimming is a non-weight bearing therapy which makes it ideal exercise for anyone with compromised joints, torn ligaments, arthritis, and healing from broken bones. Swimming with the resistance of water is a good aerobic workout that can help burn calories, burn off pent up energy and be entertaining to dogs who can’t get around well on land.

With the addition of massage therapy and assisted range of motion exercises healing can be accelerated, spasms released, stress can be relieved.


What is the pool like?

The pool at SplashDog is heated to approximately 91 degrees, has an underwater platform that dogs can stand on while receiving hands on therapy, has resistance jets that may be used for conditioning and is the cleanest, best maintained and gentlest water in the business. The pool measures 8’ x 20’ x 4’ deep. There is a deck around the pool with stools for people to sit on so that they are close to their dog and can interact with them during the session. Only one dog is worked on at a time and anyone who comes in with another dog is separated by a wall from the pool.


What training does J Linn have:

To become a SAMP, small animal massage practitioner in Washington state, I had to have a LMP, licensed massage practitioner license, before I could be certified as an animal massage therapist. I went through the human massage process first, got my education, license and began practicing on humans while volunteering with dogs on the side. I then got my small animal massage education at Northwest School of Animal Massage, one of the few professional, accredited animal massage schools in the country. Soon after completing my classes there and being certified, I began training at SplashDog and at Heavenly Spa in Fall City, WA to do canine water therapy.

The experience I have gained working at SplashDog since 2004 has been invaluable. The dogs I have worked with have been amazing. From paralysis to obesity, big and small, laid back and high strung, I’ve had the pleasure of working with all of them. The hardest day I’ve had working at the pool was still a great day. I have a soft spot for all of my canine clients and want their guardians to know that they are safe with me and I will always do my very best to help them.


What does it cost?

1 hour (initial session) $90
½ hour $50

(a $15 discount applies to the purchase of 5 sessions at one time)

Feel free to contact J Linn with questions.

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