Canine Massage

Have you noticed your dog running or walking with an odd gait, getting up or lying down slowly or stiffly, not wanting to go up or down stairs, wincing or growling when they are touched in certain areas? Or are there times you have thought your dog may be in pain or sore from too much exertion or old age? If you have a dog that works hard, plays hard, is older, has a physical problem, has had surgery, they would benefit from massage.

This class helps take your love and nurturing one step further, to be able to safely and effectively massage your dog. Learn safe and effective techniques that will help alleviate stiffness, pain and muscle spasms and will increase your companion’s mobility and comfort.

The class begins with information on precautions to be aware of from physically sensitive areas to canine body language, and goes into types of techniques to use and when to use them. The majority of the class is hands on with your dog. I spend time with each attendant checking each technique to be sure the information is being understood.

I spend a few minutes with each dog covering specific issues that concern you, their guardian and/or things I notice during the class that I feel might help the individual dog.

Hand-outs are provided to help you continue your practice at home.

Three hour class $40 per individual, $60 per couple (one dog per registration)

Group rates are available for businesses or groups of 6 or more

Feel free to contact J Linn with questions.

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