Pet First Aid/CPR

Those of us who have pets as family, work with them professionally or just love being around them should know the basics of pet first aid. Learning emergency response and CPR can save lives and prevent injury to the responder as well.
These informative and fun, group classes teach important first response techniques for common first aid situations along with rescue breathing, CPR, disaster preparedness and pet first aid kit information.

A sample of first aid emergencies reviewed:
Choking, burns, poisoning, cuts, bone injuries, auto accident, and more
Taught by J Linn Henline, a Red Cross Certified Pet First Aid/CPR Instructor, these classes are hands on taught with pet manikins and each student receives a first aid book to keep for reference.

Private and public classes, a must for all who work with dogs such as pet sitters, dog walkers, daycare and boarding facility employees, trainers and groomers, as well as those who live with pets. Don’t be caught in a dangerous situation without the confidence to help save a life.

Class prices vary depending on location, class type (private or public) and curriculum.

Please contact J Linn for information.

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