What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy technique used to help relieve pain and help the individual’s healing process, whether emotional, physical or mental. Reiki was developed as a healing technique in the early 1900’s in Japan by Mikao Usui. There are some small differences in the stories of how Dr. Usui came across the energy, and how it was passed on through the years before it became known in the continental US. What is consistent is that Dr. Usui found the healing of a system of symbols combined with a universal energy force that anyone can learn and use.

Dr. Usui named the healing method he developed Reiki. “Rei” basically translates as universal and “Ki” is similar to the Chinese Chi or life force energy. Reiki practitioners become conduits for the universal life force energy to be focused on the receiver.

This may sound “woo woo”, magic, new age, whatever seems “out there” but Rieki has been studied and tested by the scientific and medical communities. More and more hospitals are adding Reiki and other energy healing techniques to their services and Reiki is available to nurses and other health care practitioners as continuing education credit.

Why would someone receive Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive treatment that is performed with the receiver comfortably lying or sitting. It is a nurturing energy that can calm the nervous system promoting deep relaxation.

The energy that is Reiki is a complete healing energy. There are no negative side effects. It can be done in your own home, in a hospital or just about any setting. No special tools are necessary and no special preparations are needed.

The Reiki practitioner is quiet during the session allowing the receiver to fully relax. Their hands generally are very warm, comforting to areas of pain and discomfort which can also result in a release of the pain and the stress it can cause.

What training does J Linn have in Reiki?

Reiki is learned from a Reiki Master-Teacher. The Master-Teacher is someone who has been trained in Reiki level I, II, III and Master. J Linn has been trained in all levels by her Reiki Master-Teacher, Rose DeDan in Seattle. J Linn’s training has primarily been in Usui Reiki but has also taken some training with Collen Benelli, who is a Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher in Oregon. She began her Reiki instruction in 1999 and has been practicing consistently since.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a treatment?

No. I do suggest that the client not eat much for a couple of hours before the treatment, should definitely not be under the influence of alcohol and if they are on prescription medication the session be timed so that the drugs are taken 2-4 hours before the session. Other than that, prepare for your or your companion animal’s comfort and enjoy.

What can I expect to happen after a treatment?

The person who recieved may be so relaxed that they feel groggy. Depending on what you needed from an energetic standpoint, you may feel anything from an increase in your normal level of energy to a drastic purging of your system. Most cases result in the gentle healing energy improving a condition the client had prior to the session, helping to relieve pain and anxiety.

I’ve heard Reiki can be sent long distance. How does that work?

I honestly do not know how it works but I do know that it does work. The best explanation is that we are all energetic beings. All life has it’s own vibrational energy. There are ways that we can direct energy toward another.

If the session is a distance healing we will usually set up a time to hold the session. I ask that the client to relax and have as few distractions as possible. I will begin sending Reiki from where I am and will follow up after the session.

Why would an animal need Reiki?

Animals need Reiki for the same reasons a human would need it. Reiki enhances the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of the one receiving it, whether they are human or any other animal. Many animals revel in the warm, comforting feeling of Reiki.

J Linn uses Reiki with her canine clients when they are anxious during a massage or water therapy session. She also has used Reiki on animals that she can not touch or be in close proximity to, like wild or captive animals that may be in distress (animal shelters, zoos, etc.) Some pets may not be comfortable with massage. Reiki can be a non-threatening way of helping them.

Does J Linn teach Reiki?

Periodically J assembles Reiki Level I or Level II classes. If someone contacts her for Reiki training, she will sometimes teach a private, individual student. Contact J Linn directly for more information.

What does a Reiki session cost?

1 hour office session $55
1 hour distance session $55
1 hour in-home session $60

½ hour session $40 (available animal Reiki sessions only)

A travel fee may be added for locations farther than 12 miles or 20 minutes

Feel free to contact J Linn with questions.

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